Wednesday, 13 January 2010

origami inspiration

This cute little dress from Max and Cleo is definitely worth a mention.
Simple in form, I thought the intricate origami patterns around the edges were beautiful! It always amazes me where designers get there inspiration and the origami patterns are definitely something that I will be looking at when I start to become a bit more proficient on the old sewing machine!

high street inspiration

When I started the course, my main inspiration were cute high street items (seen above). I cant wait to be able to put pieces like this together and customize the designs so that they are totally unique!!!


I don't mind admitting that most of the time I kinda like being petit. But, at 5'2" and with a small frame, I have always found it really really hard to find nice or unusual clothes to fit me.

This has often resulted in me having major 'clothes envy', at how amazing my friends looked in their new purchases or total rage at the high street stores for not stocking smaller clothes.

So, a year ago, I resolved to join a dress making class in a effort to start to make clothes and to add a little style to my wardrobe.

This is a blog about my inspiration, my progress, the broken needles, dropped stitches and tangled thread, along with tips that I have learned along the way and other lovely things I hope you might like to see.

I hope you enjoy.